Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Dear Zoey Bean

I saw a commercial last week that inspired me. It was for email, but I can't remember which one (yahoo, gmail, etc.) and it was showing a Dad sending all these emails to his newborn son. One of my coworkers (and she's a close friend, too) had asked me when I was pregnant if I was writing things down, or writing Zoey letters. I scoffed at her, thinking, "yea, I'm working 40+ hours a week, we're trying to sell our house, I'm pregnant, so I go to bed at 7:30pm...when am I supposed to find time to do this??" So I never did, unfortunately.

But when I saw this commercial, and everything was being sent by email, I knew that I could do that. I'm on email all the time, and typing is so quick. So even though she's 5 months old already, starting late is better than never starting. I thought it would be the neatest thing to give her the username and password to the email account I've created for these emails I'm sending when she's 18 or so. Maybe she won't think so, but it will be something she can treasure forever once she is old enough to appreciate them.

Happy 5 Months Baby Girl!

I can't believe how fast you are growing. You so badly want to crawl, but you just can't figure out that you need your hands and feet to do it - you think it's all in your tummy! You sure do make us laugh when you try though! We love watching you grow and can't wait for the next few months when all the exciting holidays are coming up! It's going to be our best Christmas yet!

5 things about you at 5 months:

  1. You absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE your jumperoo. You jump like a maniac when we put you in there and we're kind of afraid you're going to break one or several of your toes one of these days since you don't jump flat on your feet - you use your tippy toes.
  2. You so badly want to be friends with our dog, Bailey, but he's not so sure he wants to return the gesture...
  3. You love your daddy and smile anytime he talks to you or walks in the room.
  4. You are still too nosy to take good naps during the day, but you're a decent sleeper at night.
  5. You love to eat!!

Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas!

Zoey's Nana and Pop Pop Hoffman went to Las Vegas a few weeks ago to visit their close friends, Bonnie and Rich Hartline. Before Zoey was born, Bonnie and Rich sent her a onesie that had the famous "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas" sign on it, but underneath it, it said "baby". She didn't fit into the onesie until right before they left for Vegas, so I decided to take some silly pictures for them to take with them, since Bonnie and Rich never got to see Zoey in person.

Happy Halloween!

Zoey didn't do much trick-or-treating this year, but we did take her to a few of our family's houses so they could see her all dressed up as Tinkerbell. She was out cold in her carseat by the third house. Halloween was not for her!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Can't Stay Awake...

Zoey was so tired she fell asleep sitting up in her highchair, but refused to let go of her block...

Happy 4 Months Beans!

Time sure is flying by us, Zoey. I couldn't believe it when you were 1 month, then 2, and now 4. Before we know it, it will be Thanksgiving and Christmas, and I am so excited for you to see all the exciting things that the Holiday seasons bring. You are going to be such a great age at Christmas, but you are a great age now, too!

  • You love to eat, and I'm so excited that we are starting solids. So far you eat rice cereal and squash. In a few days, we'll try carrots or sweet potatoes.
  • You love to snuggle, but you like your alone time too.
  • You started to growl like a lion, and your face when you do it is hilarious.
  • You love your taggy blanket that your Aunt Erin made you and we take it everywhere.
  • You are starting to grab at everything. What we have you want, including phones, remotes, and hot dogs.
  • You try to hold your own bottle, but it is just a tad too heavy for you yet. Soon.
  • You want to feed yourself because I am just not fast enough with the spoon.
  • You love Daddy's beard, and you're always trying to grab and touch it.
  • You've discovered the dog...and you want him. Bad. You are going to be his worst nightmare.
  • You've stopped sleeping through the night ever since you got your teeth, and you now get up to nurse at least once. Usually around 2 or 3am.
  • You love to ride in Daddy's truck. It puts you to sleep everytime, no matter what.
  • You roll over. Already. The way you aren't supposed to be able to until 5 or 6 months. You are way too advanced for Mommy!
  • You like when Mommy and Daddy read to you (thank goodness!). Daddy likes to read the same book over and over (Green Eggs and Ham) and Mommy likes variety, bringing home new books from the library all the time. You love to look at the pictures and try to touch the pages. Mommy now understands how all our children's books at the library get ripped!!

We love you to pieces baby girl, and we love watching you grow every day!

Happy Anniversary!

Eric and I celebrated our one year wedding anniversary on September 25. I can't believe it has been one year already. My how time flies! We celebrated Saturday night by going out to dinner at The Bridge Inn and had a fantastic meal. Mimi watched Zoey for us while we were gone and our service was so great and the restaurant not crowded at all that we were back by 7:45!